Seal-Guard™ ECF™

Premium Thread, Tubing and Casing Running Compound

Seal Guard EFC


Ospar Commission-HOCNF (Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format)
CLASSIFICATION: "Yellow" rating for Norway
CLASSIFICATION: "E" for the United Kingdom & the Netherlands

The advanced base grease is a carefully selected balance of synthetic and vegetable oils with our Extreme base grease thickener technology coupled with innovative solid lubricants. The result is superior lubrication under high loads with galling resistance equivalent to heavy metal-based compounds in a totally metalfree formulation. The cutting edge technology provides a high affinity to metal surfaces with relatively low added-solids content.


For use on premium and high-chrome tubing and casing connections.

Not recommended for oxygen service.

Code #
Service Rating
1 gal pail
5 gal pail
5 gal lined pail
-20°F to 500°F
-29°C to 260°C
acrobat acrobat

Also available in a standard formulation Seal-Guard

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