Premium Thread Compound

Seal Guard


SEAL-GUARD's advanced base grease and additive technology (CZ-EX Plus) is further enhanced with high and low strength polymers and innovative solid lubricants. The result is superior lubrication under high loads with galling resistance equivalent to heavy metal-based compounds in a totally metal-free formulation. This cutting-edge technology provides a high affinity to metal surfaces with a relatively low solids content, creating a film that gives consistent frictional performance without restricting proper engagement of the connection contact surfaces regardless of connection design.


SEAL-GUARD is recommended for use on premium connections, flow lines, nuts, bolts, etc. Can also be utilized on jacking systems.

Not recommended for oxygen service.

Code #
Service Rating
1 gal pail
2 gal pail
5 gal pail
-20°F to 500°F
-29°C to 260°C
acrobat acrobat

Also available in an ECF (Environmental Compound Formulation) Seal-Guard ECF


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